Language online-course  is the perfect solution for you if

– you don’t have time to travel to Sweden or Sardinia to take the course there

– you live too far away from the language-school MIND BODY SOUL

– you can never do an evening course because you travel a lot, have small children or work  longer shifts in the evening

– you don’t like group-courses, because there is not enough focus on the each participant or you don’t learn enough

– you think it´s comfortable to take the classes in your home or wherever you are

– you have to start immediately with a language course

– you notice that you cannot learn as much if you study yourself

– you want lessons with a teacher who is professional in languages, a translator by profession and has many years of  experience giving classes

I offer my language-online-couses   in German, Swedish, French, Spanish,  Italian and English for foreigners.

And the quality of the lessons is the same as if you take personal lessons with me.

You can book the language online-course as private lessons or in a mini-group where all the participants have the same level.

The only thing you need is a computer and an internet-connection.  After doing the lessons with me, you study yourself and you can ask me questions when we meet the next time. I’m your coach all the time and have control about that you study regularly.

You advance continuously and you learn the language in a correct way. Of course, we adapt the lessons to your knowledge and your goals.

And a language online-course doesn’t cost more than a traditional one.

Price for private persons:

A package of 20 lessons (with 45 minutes each)  for an individual is  750 euros plus 25% VAT. Do you book it for 2 persons,  the price is 700 euros per person plus 25% VAT.

Price for companies:

A package of 20 lessons (with 45 minutes each) for an individual is 1.200 euros plus 25% VAT. Do you book it for 2 persons, the price is 1.000 euros per person plus 25% VAT.

If you live in a country which is not Sweden, you don´t have to pay the VAT with online-lessons!

I’m looking forward to book your language online-course as soon as you are ready to start.

You can book a general language course, specific language-course or a

business language-course.