Course the secret in Sweden, Sardinia or Tenerife

You can even book this course online!

In the course the secret you learn how to use the law of attraction.

You will get to know that there is a point of attraction in the universe which we just have to activate. After this our wishes come true.

Many people just know what they do NOT want. They don´t know what they really want. But everybody has the right to fulfill his or her wishes. We start doing this the same day.

Just follow the right way of ordering and the universe will deliver your wishes faster than you might expect.

Combine this course with the course training of the intuition, because they go well together.

In “holidays with spiritual development in Sardinia” there is a combination of both courses. 

You can even go the course on special weeks during wintertime in Tenerife.

Price: a one-day-course is 150 Euros inkl. VAT.

course the secret
course the secret