Healing course and healing in Sweden or in Sardinia

Healing-course is something which will surprise you when you notice that even you have the healing power inside yourself!

In this course, you learn how to become a healer.

We all got the power of healing, you just have to want to use it. And do a course which will give you a lots of surprises about your own capacity.

In a one-day-course I show you the technique of healing.  Then you can train on your family, friends, neighbors and pets.

Everybody will feel your healing-qualities when you are using them.

Price for a healing-course: One day course 150 euros inkl. VAT (you can book several days as well if you want to make it more intense and train on more people).

You can combine this course with a course in training of the intuition or a

meditation course.

Maybe you feel tired or got pains in your body? Need some energy to fill up your own?

You want some healing from the universe, because the universe has more than enough of it?

I can facilitate that healing to you.

After a 30 minutes session you feel how your energy comes back and maybe even your pains leave.
Have a try. A healer is not a doctor and for getting a diagnose you should consult a doctor.

Price for healing:
30 minutes session 30 euros inkl. VAT.

healing course and healing
healing course and healing