Meditation course in  Sweden or in Sardinia or Tenerife

You can even book this course online!

You need a meditation course because your life is so full of demanding tasks, expectations of friends and family. We just can´t sit still and relax anymore.
That’s why we have to learn how to see. And to enjoy the things which happen right now.
During this meditation course in one day, you learn how to take time out and appreciate the moment.
Get into meditation with music, colours, pictures. And you will live in the presence. Enjoy relaxation and lower your stress.

A meditation course gives you a better concentration. It  enhances your creativity. And the 13km long sandy beach i  Southern Sweden is the right place for this kind of course.

Meditation means to take a “time out” and just meditate. I show you how. Many people think, it´s difficult “just to sit and not to do anything at all” as a guru expressed it once. And maybe he’s right. People in the third-world-countries know how to do it, because their calendar is not as fully booked as our European one.

Price for a meditation course:
One day course 150 euros inkl. VAT.

You can even do the meditation course in combination with a hatha-yoga-course.

The course is a part of the program “yoga-holidays in Sardinia” between the middle of June and the end of July. 

You can even go this course on certain weeks in   Tenerife.

Meditation course
Meditation course