Spiritual development in Sweden or Sardinia

Did you ever think about developing your soul?

We all got a power within us. But we never used it,  because we didn´t learn HOW to use it.

You can realize all you got in your mind.

Take the adventure to meet your inner self. And you willl learn a lot about yourself and other people.

Make a holiday in Sweden and choose between the following courses: training of the intuition, the secret, meditation, healing or reading the cards.

During this spiritual holiday in Sweden, you live in a typical Swedish house and will be spoiled with international food (half-board).

In your leisure time, you will explore the beautiful surroundings like the beach, river and forest in closed vicinity.

You can even combine a course in spiritual development with yoga or language course.

But you can even make your holidays in a typical village close to the wonderful beach on the West Coast of Sardinia, between the middle of July and the middle of august.

spiritual development
Spiritual development

You are welcome wherever!