Hatha-yoga: yoga for everybody

Hatha-yoga means more than a sun-salutation in the morning. It means union of the individual consciousness and the universal consciousness. And this means a balance between body, mind and soul. Practicing it, means leaving the stressfull everyday situation. And find a quiet place within ourselves. We strengthen our chi.

I became an acredited hatha-yoga teacher at a Yoga Academy in Kerala (South India) and show you the original Indian hatha-yoga as I learnt it there.

The good thing with hatha-yoga is, that it is for everybody. It´s not a question of age or condition. I gave classes as well to elder people as to children if they are older than 8 years.

And as today everybody is stressed, everybody needs yoga. Indian yogis say that you won´t even get sick in your life if you practice yoga since you are young.

You are welcome to make your unforgettable holidays with hatha-yoga on the following places: either on the 13km long sandy beach of Mellbystrand/Halland/Sweden or on the West Coast of Sardinia/Italy.

Both places are wonderful for a yoga vacation.  Because there is a combination of nice nature and tranquility. This  helps you easily to find your inner peace while doing yoga. And the sea is close to relax on the beaches at the same time.

In Sardinia you are welcome between the middle of July and the middle of august. During the other months you can take your yoga-holidays or yogateacher-education in Sweden.  

The relax-effect you get from a yoga holiday is much bigger than from other holidays. You can even combine the yoga-holidays with courses in spiritual development. The perfect active-holidays where you can get energy instead of loosing it. When do you start letting yoga come into your life? Better today than tomorrow!