Translator-interpreter German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish

You need a professional translator-interpreter for German, English, Spanish, French, Italian or Swedish? Then you will notice that it´s not easy to find a professional one.

The world has become smaller, people travel a lot and make a lot of contacts over the boarders. And in an international world, a translator-interpreter is very important. You might need one in any authority. At a real estate, the hospital, during business-meetings, on fairs. And a lot of other occasions like just translating a private letter to some friends abroad. A business deal can be as good as its interpreter…

It´s very important to transfer the content of a text or a speech correctly to another language, and sometimes you are a consecutive interpreter (which means you translate after some sentences) or a simultaneous interpreter (you translate in the same rhythm as it´s said in the original language) who is by your side and helps you with the language so that you can feel comfortable.

Not everybody who knows a language is a translator-interpreter! I studied 4 years in 3 different universities to become a translator-interpreter for Spanish and Swedish (specialisation: law) and work as well as a translator-interpreter with English, French and Italian, and of course my mother language German in my translation office.

I worked as a consecutive and simultane interpreter at the law court, on conferences and business meetings, on fairs and so on.

During 2 years, I worked on the cruise vessels TS MAXIM GORKI and TS ALBATROS and led the tv-studio on board. I worked as a tour-guide for 15 years where I had to translate ever day as well.

So if you need a professional translator-interpreter, just let me know! It does not necessarily have to be in Sweden, Sardinia or Tenerife, I can travel to wherever you need me.