My relocation service Sweden helps everybody

who is ready to move

Relocation Service Sweden: the solution if you want to settle down in Sweden and make it fast and smooth.

Welcome to MIND BODY SOULs relocation service where I look for a job, house, school, kindergarten and help you with all the documents you have to go through with the authorities.

At the same time you can do an intense language course  in Swedish so that you can start to work in Sweden right away.  Maybe you want to start your own business and make money as soon as possible. In this case you might need a specific language course or a course in business language.

If you are clever, you do a language online course before you move which makes that you are ready to work  when you get to Sweden. And besides that: you don´t have to pay the VAT while you live outside of Sweden.

In Sweden you can buy a house for less money than in other countries. The dimensions are bigger and you have a lot of space and nature around you. When will you immigrate to Sweden?

Maybe you even need a new profession: what about my yogateacher-education or lifecoach-education?