Dates for the language course Spanish in Tenerife: Autumn: 26th of October – 2nd of November 2024, 21st of December – 28th of December 2024, 28th of December to 4th of January 2025, carnival-season February 2025

You want to book a language course Spanish in Tenerife and use your knowledge directly with the friendly Canarian population? The translator and language teacher Monika Hornig teaches you in one week all you need for a successful holiday. You learn how to ask for the direction, weather, to order your food in the restaurant, buy tickets, go shopping and more. The Spanish people will understand you and you will be very welcome:)

During a one-week language course Spanish in Tenerife I give you 4 lessons (45 minutes each) a day during 5 days. In your free time, you can hike on the wonderful hiking-trails along the seaside and enjoy the landscape.

You can bring your bike, go surfing or swim in one of the natural pools with sea-water. Puerto de la Cruz is worth a visit at day or night, and I take you to a delicious typical Canarian restaurant (called guachinche).

Price for one week language course Spanish in Tenerife: package with 20 lessons 750 euros for the language course for one person, 700 euros per person if you are two people. Accommodation with half-board 750 euros in a single room and 600 euros if you are 2 people and book a double-room.

If you want to emigrate, I prepare you for this step with more courses. You live in Tenerife already and need specific knowledge for your job? You want to renew languages from school? We start where you are with your knowledge and I take you where you want to go.

You need a professional interpreter to get your NIE, talk to authorities, real estate, notary, bank, water- or electricity-company, insurance company? You can book my service and I will help you.

In case you can’t make a holiday on Tenerife now, book an online-course and rent my flat for a holiday short- or longterm.

As the number of participants is limited, book your course on time.